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Whether we play a large or small role, by working together we achieve our objectives.


1. Mentorship
2. Cultural exchange
3. Music production
4. Brand consultancy
5. Music distribution
6. Music promotion

Programs guide:

All Mentorship programs for 2018 will take place in south Africa once every two months commencing 1 may 2018. The fund will accept 5 artists per cycle all expenses paid. Here is a chance to get an up close experience with your role models, celebrities, hip hop moguls to learn more about the culture and the industry . APPLY NOW
Cultural exchange programs for 2018 STARTING SOON regionally and internationally. APPLY NOW
Do u need studio time?
Do you want a music video?
Are you having an event, do you need equipment?
Here is an opportunity to create quality content. APPLY NOW
Your brand is much more than what your logo looks like, how you dress, what your music sounds like, how you shoot your video; it's about how you combine all those things together to make you a unique, identifiable artist in the music industry. APPLY NOW
There aren't any short cuts to success, it takes hard work, long hours and patience. We have different types of promo and distribution packages to help artists build a fan base, promote music and push their brand to the right audience. APPLY NOW